The Clear Springs


Cover Detail

Its the American South,

so you would expect a certain amount of racial tension,

but between Chinese and Japanese?


Suzy, a Japanese-American mother on the run from a bad marriage stumbles on more bad luck in Central Florida when her baby Akira is kidnapped. Did her ex-husband, dogged by his tyrannical crime lord father take his heir back to Japan? Is the mysterious Zylontronic Processing Company a front for something far more sinister? It doesn’t take Suzy long to realize her Yakuza connected ex is not the only thing she needs to worry about. She must decipher how Akira became the key to unlocking a decades old grudge, growing out of 1937 Nanking, involving ‘ukiyo-e yokai’, the beast of the floating world? Suzy’s frantic search right around the corner from the sunny tourist havens of Florida reveals racial hatred, heartbreaking exploitation and terrible anger she never imagined. Her dogged persistence and new-found friends appear to be her only hope of finding Akira alive.

Excerpt from Chapter 31

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